Article: Dieting Demystified

Dieting Demystified

If you are among the throngs of women who are constantly dieting, trying the latest fad, striving to get another 10kg off, pushing to fit into those smaller pair of jeans, spending every minute of your day thinking about food and how many calories you have had and how guilty you feel about eating that piece of cake at the office party and how much better you would feel about yourself if you were thinner.. you would be so much happier and be able to cope with life a lot better… right?

Have you made your identity “the woman who is overweight, on a diet and striving to be thinner”… Does it consume your day, your thoughts, your attitude?

What about the woman who loves to paint, to horseride, to sew a dress, to ride a bike or go for a walk in the rainforest; the woman who cherishes her relationships and gives time to them, who tries new things, cooks new recipes, makes new friends; the woman who loves to travel and explore, who grows beautiful plants in her garden… the woman who cherishes and loves herself, accepts herself and all that life has thrown her way, the ups and downs of the rollercoaster we call life, and still appreciates every day as a gift?

A harsh part of life is that there is always going to be curveballs, times of immense grief, suffering and hardship. But it is these times that help us to appreciate the good in life. We don’t always deal with our problems the way we should, and cover up our pain with food instead. And so begins the battle with our weight, with ourselves, with the world telling us that our worth is tied to our looks.

The diet industry is a sixty-billion-dollar-a-year industry and rising.. and research shows time and time again that people who diet often end up heavier than what they did to begin with. Let me ask you, if you were sick and a doctor suggested a cure that would make you WORSE off, would you still take it? Of course you wouldn’t… 

If this sounds like you, please see a dietitian. Not merely for a diet plan, but for support, for encouragement and for a healthy, lifelong journey. Let us help you rediscover the joy and freedom of healthy living.

Your life is worth much more than being on a diet…

Love Dani xx

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