Article: New Year Detox!


New Year Detox!!

We all may have enjoyed a far few too many calories over the christmas period, and some of us may try to make atonement for our sins by going on a detox after these periods of overeating and drinking! 

You may think that the easiest way to do this is to buy a detox kit and flush out the system, however there is no evidence that these detoxifying kits do what they claim. You may see some weight loss, but that is to be expected after going onto a semi-fast for a few days. Not to mention, they don’t come cheap!

In reality, our liver is the detoxifying powerhouse in our bodies and if we eat well most of the time, we don’t need to do detox’s.

However, when the silly season rolls around each year, most of us let down our hair in terms of healthy eating, so I have provided an easy weekend detox that can be done with light, nutritious food, minus all the pills, herbs and unpleasant concoctions to help you feel a bit cleaner and fresher for the new year ahead.


  • fresh fruit or vegetable juice
  • and a bowl of fruit – whatever kinds you like. 


  • garden salad
  • add some protein for satiety – either tinned fish, handful of chicken breast or a handful of nuts
  • you can use a dressing of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice with 1 tbs of olive oil


  • clear vegetable soup to start
  • steamed or stir-fried vegies with a serve of protein – fish, chicken or beef (about the size of your palm)

Don’t forget to drink the usual 2 litres of water each day!

Stick to this for a couple of days and you should be feeling lighter and healthier in no time 🙂


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