Article: Supermarket Savvy – How To Grocery Shop The Healthy Way

Supermarket Savvy – How To Grocery Shop The Healthy Way


Ever gone into a supermarket to get a couple of items and come out with a whole grocery load? Or gone grocery shopping on an empty stomach and struggled to resist the array of tempting (and not so healthy) foods being marketed left right and centre?

It is common knowledge that unfortunately, the big supermarkets don’t exactly have our best health interests at heart. Also unfortunate, is that the foods generally high in fats and/or sugars make the most profitable returns for the companies that create them – allowing for price reductions and weekly discounts.

“Supermarketing” is the word – supermarkets are a minefield full of enticing deals to suck you in, but you can overcome “supermarketing” and ensure your trolley is full of healthy products (and maybe 1 or 2 treats).

Follow these tips to become a savvy shopper:

1. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach – the temptation is just too much!

2. Before you go grocery shopping, sit down and plan your meals for the week. Write down what you’ll need for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as snacks. Group the items according to where you’d find them in the supermarket e.g “fruits/veges; dairy; bread/cereals; frozen section” etc.

3. Stick to the list at the supermarket – try not to get distracted by other products. Work your way through the list and only go down the aisles that you need to. Try not to meander down every aisle looking at whats on offer – guaranteed you’ll get sucked in to buying something you didn’t need to (this tip will also save you money!!)

4. Buy your fruits and veges from your local greengrocer (e.g. Get Fresh Cotton Tree, Fruit World Maroochydore, The Fruit Shed Kawana). These places all have great produce at an affordable price – more often cheaper than the supermarkets. Also not to mention most produce is locally sourced, so not only are you getting cheap, organic and tasty (taste difference is incredible!) fresh fruit and veges, but you are also supporting your local farmers and economy. Big thumbs up from me!

5. Buy your meat and fish from butchers and fish/seafood stores for similar reasons – you are supporting your local guys and getting a great quality product. Prices are comparable to supermarkets. If you are concerned about cost, get neighbours/friends to get together and buy in bulk – will cut the cost significantly.

6. If you choose to do it all-in-one, that’s ok too. Advice here, is to stick to the outside perimeter of the supermarket – this is where you’ll find your fresh produce, meats, dairy and breads – generally these should be your staple products. This is the safe zone! Once collecting all the items you need from these areas, use your list and venture only into the aisles you need – then quickly get out of there! 

7. Compare the nutritional value of products – learn how to decipher a nutrition label and what to look for as being a healthy product. Generally aim for sugar to be

I hope these tips have been helpful – remember, grocery shopping is the first step towards leading a healthier lifestyle! 

Respect your health, Love your body.

Dani 🙂

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