Avoiding the Winter Weight

The chill of winter is in the air! Fresh mornings and evenings are telling us that winter is on the way. The cold weather brings about the tendency to forgo the exercise, ditch the salads for warm, hearty (and often high calorie) meals & rest assured that we can hide behind our clothing. Read on to hear our tips on managing the winter weight!

It has been scientifically proven that Australian’s tend to gain weight over the winter months – usually around 0.5kg as shown in a study published by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. This may not seem like a whole lot, but over the years it add up!

Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming part of the stats!


In winter, it is a natural occurence for our bodies to crave more carbohydrates. Make sure to choose low GI carbs such as wholegrains, brown rice or basmati rather than white, wholemeal pasta, grainy crackers & bread, oats etc. Keep sweet treats out of the house & have a piece of fruit when craving a sweet – up to 2 pieces per day.

Also, utilise the goodness of steamed veges in a warm dish – instead of having a curry or stew with a lot of rice or pasta, grate up some carrot, beetroot, cauli, zucchini & broccoli & steam in the microwave for 2 mins. Mix with 1/2 cup cooked rice. Just as filling and half the calories.

Alternatively, make soups! Fill them with plenty of vegetables and some protein – eg. chicken, beef, fish, tofu or legumes- and a small amount of carb, maybe some rice, pasta or sweet potato, and you have a healthy, warm, low cal dish that can be portioned out and frozen for later!

Become a label reader

When you learn how to read labels and decipher whether a food is healthy or unhealthy, you are likely to make better choices in the supermarket when buying groceries. I always say the battle is won in the supermarket when it comes to making healthier choices.


Want to know why I love exercising in winter? Because I hate being cold and I know when I exercise I will warm right up! Winter is when the excuses not to exercise come out – it is too dark in the mornings/evenings being the main one.

Solution? Join a gym or find a buddy who will walk/jog/move with you! Having accountability to someone else is a great motivator.

I would also strongly recommend seeing an Exercise Physiologist – we personally recommend Kaizen Exercise Physiologists in Cotton Tree, they are fantastic – who can do an assessment on you and work out a suitable exercise regime that you can do in their gym with a trainer or at home.

Let’s begin to prioritise our HEALTH – let not the focus be all about weight loss & calories, but about a wholesome, holistic approach to health which includes both healthy eating & exercise. And let’s do it for LIFE!

Dani 🙂

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