By the age of 6 half of all Australian children will have tooth decay.

What an astounding fact ! Shocking really considering the availability of fresh foods,the technology we have in dental health and the lessons we should have learnt over the years.

The leading cause of tooth decay is diet-

1)Sugary soft and acidic sports drinks and juices

Frequent consumption ie snacking on these foods is directly related to an increase in tooth decay.

2)sweets and sugary snacks

3)snacking in between meals

4)incorrect brushing technique

5)not brushing for 2 minutes or longer

6)Not flossing


-Limit intake of soft,sports and energy drinks and fruit juices

-Use a straw and avoid swishing drinks around your mouth

-chew sugar free gum to stimulate saliva ( saliva neutralises acid that leads to decay)

-eat calcium rich foods-milk,yoghurt,cheese directly following a juice or sweet food or drink

Tooth decay can be easily prevented

The best prevention of all is to follow a healthy diet full of unprocessed foods,eat regular meals and limit snacking and drinks lots of water-all the same advice we give for achieving your health goals!

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