Easter Survival Tips – A Dietitian’s Point of View

If you can’t physically contain your excitement every time Easter season rolls around and find yourself making regular stops at the Easter section of your supermarket, let me assure you that you’re not the only one. Read on to learn some of my own tried and true (and University Qualified!) “Easter Survival tips”.

Let me guide you through the rabbit hole!

There is just something about the texture of Easter Chocolate (Cadbury I’m looking at you) that seems to make it so delicious.  For some reason devouring chocolate eggs and feasting on chocolate bunnies seems far more exciting than just a normal block of chocolate. Don’t even get me started on the bunny ears, I digress…… the point of this blog was to HELP you control yourself during Easter – I do apologise.

Don’t worry I’m still going to let you enjoy some Lindt Bunnies…

Think quality over quantity!

Don’t waste your time and money gorging on cheap and inferior tasting Easter Chocolate, you know the kind, the brand you’ve never heard of, that’s on the bottom shelf for $1.99 and tastes like cooking chocolate? Don’t bother with that, think less is more.

A good quality chocolate is going to satisfy your craving quicker than something that’s going to leave you wishing for more.  Bonus points if you prefer dark chocolate as it generally contains less sugar than its milk and white counterparts and its richness leaves you feeling full quicker.


Here’s a rather devious trick I learnt, that not only saves your waistline but also makes you out to be very generous – two birds with one stone. If you feel you’ve overindulged, or are about to, you can make yourself feel better by “gifting” some of your Easter treats to someone else!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

What I mean by this is: watch your portions (I also really felt a pun was applicable here). Portion control is simply setting yourself limits! Instead of the whole Easter Bunny, maybe just the ears now and the rest tomorrow. Maybe instead of the whole carton of Easter eggs, just 1 or 2 today.

Easter egg hunt!

This is a great idea for a family activity, it gets everyone outside and active! Just make sure that if you’re the one hiding them, don’t use insider information to line your own basket! That’d be bad for your waistline and if you were sprung would probably see you exiled from next year’s hunt.

Most importantly, don’t miss out on Easter…

You don’t have to completely deprive yourself of Easter treats… That’s just needless punishment. Furthermore, a slip-up from this cold-turkey approach could result in a binge, which will just leave you feeling guilty. It’s all about moderation.

Happy Easter – and remember Easter eggs are only chocolate and it is available all year round. 😉

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Tyson currently owns and operates Fuel Your Life, Sunshine Coast Dietetics, Correct Nutrition and Dietitian Life.
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