Easy & Healthy Entertaining

Making your own dips is much healthier than purchasing pre-made versions. Whipping up your own at home can significantly cut the fat, sugar and salt content which is definitely beneficial for our health. What’s more, it’s really easy and as the weather warms up we tend to entertain more so why not serve up these healthier alternatives to the commercial varieties. Also feel free to share your favourite homemade dip ideas and recipes.

Theresa Cutter – The Healthy Chef as 4 Skinny Dip recipes to try:

Nut-free basil pesto from the AHFG:

Spicy roast tomato salsa (taste.com.au): http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/18046/spicy+roast+tomato+salsa

Roast pumpkin & cumin hummus (taste.com.au):

Herbed yoghurt dip (taste.com.au):

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