Focus on Vitamins: Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Did your mum ever tell you if you ate your carrots you’d be able to see better in the dark? Well she wasn’t telling fibs there!

Eating foods rich in vitamin A will help keep your eyesight in good condition.

That’s not all… this fat-soluble vitamin (meaning it needs dietary fat to aid its absorption) also helps keep the immune system strong, contributes to healthy skin, as well as ensuring your heart, kidneys and lungs are working well. It may even have benefits for sperm production.

Vitamin A containing foods are generally pretty rich in the stuff, so you don’t need a lot to get your recommended daily intake, which makes it nice and easy.

Below are a list of five foods that are rich in vitamin A (you may notice that most of them are orange – our bodies convert this orange pigment, also known as beta-carotene, into vitamin A!)

Sweet Potato

1 medium size sweet potato contains over 500% of your daily vitamin A intake. Spray with oil and roast in the oven for 20 mins for a tasty side dish with dinner


1/2 cup of carrots contains just over 450% of your daily vitamin A intake. Carrot sticks with a light dip or hommus make for a great snack.


1 slice of pumpkin will provide you with over 400% of your daily intake. Pumpkin soup makes a great entree, or add roasted pumpkin to your salads at lunch.

Ricotta Cheese

1 cup of fresh ricotta cheese has over 200% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A. Spread on a piece of toast for a snack, or mix with salsa for a low fat delicious dip!


1/2 cup of this delicious orange melon contains around 130% of your daily intake of vitamin A. Have as a refreshing snack on a summers day, or mix with yoghurt for a delicious dessert.

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