Focus On Vitamins: Vitamin D

Vitamin D

You may know that one of the best sources of vitamin D is sunlight – which is correct (in summer you only need a few mins, in winter 15-20 mins a day), but you can also obtain vitamin D from the foods we eat. You can eat more of the foods below, and you can also choose foods that have been fortified with vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important as it is needed for the normal growth of cells, immune function and helps reduce inflammation, however one of it’s most important functions is that it helps calcium to be absorbed from the gut. As such, vitamin D is essential for good bone health (structure and strength) and teeth. Without enough vitamin D, bones can become brittle or misshapen.

Obtaining a health amount of vitamin D and calcium can help protect older adults from developing osteoporosis.

Below are five foods high in Vitamin D:

Oily fish – Mackeral, Salmon and Tuna

These fish are rich in omega 3 as well as vitamin D. Include oily fish at least once a week in your diet.

Fish Oil Supplement

These aren’t exactly food – but along with the oily fish mentioned above, are the richest sources of vitamin D available other than sunlight. If you aren’t a fish fan, or don’t eat it very often, it may be a good idea to have a daily fish oil supplement.

Egg Yolk

If Sunday isn’t sunny, have a fix of eggs to obtain your vitamin D for the day instead!


This one is commonly eaten by most of us – just make sure it’s in moderation.


Some mushrooms provide small amounts of vitamin D. There are mushrooms available that have been exposed to UV light, and contain higher amounts of vitamin D

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