Welcome to 2013

Why not make this the year  you actually achieve your health and fitness resolutions.

Studies show 85% of resolutions are never attained-and the fitness and health resolutions are right up there in those abandoned by February!

In order to be successful resolutions need to be:

a) Based on an important personal motivator

b) Be broken down into small achievable goals

For example one of my resolutions is to exercise every day. My motivator is that this is my little piece of quiet time – no phones, no computers just me and nature. But the bonus is while I am de-stressing I am also achieving improved fitness and helping to manage my weight.

Find your personal motivator for each of your health resolutions – it makes following them so much easier when you have a real driver.

Break down large, daunting goals into small achievable steps. If you have weight loss as a goal break it down to weekly or monthly goals. Eating slowly, limiting supper snacks, eating more vegetables may be some examples.

At SCD we will be making your journey easier this year with our monthly health goals. We will be providing you with suggestions and tips each month to help you achieve those 2013 health and fitness resolutions.

Join us and see what a huge difference 12 small goals can achieve – please feel free to chat with us along the way on our facebook page – Sunshinecoastdietetics, we would love to coach you!


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