The New year is well under way and your health goals should be too!

Having defined goals always helps motivation-if you have not thought about any goals for this year now is the time-take 5 mins and jot down what you would like to achieve this year in terms of your health.It may be to improve your fitness level,to tone and firm up,to feel more energetic and alive or to manage your weight or diabetes.

Keep the goals simple and achievable ie one of my goals is the meet my 1.2litre water intake every day,another is to meet my 10,000 step target at least 6days/week.These goals are realistic and I am pleased to say that so far I have met them each week.

Here are a few examples if you are stuck

-Consuming 2 fruits and 4 vegetables or salad items each day

-having no sweet treats in the house and trying to keep to 2 or 3 sweet treats/week

-having an alcohol moderation plan ie none Mon Tues and Wed or better still none mid week

-reducing portion sizes by always choosing the small option ie no medium or large( and we all know that small=medium these days any way) and by downsizing your plates,cups and glasses

-making a plan to join an exercise class-think yoga,aqua aerobics,walking with a buddy at least 1/week

-planning time in your diary for exercise at least 4/week

-making time to chill out each week-to still your mind -meditation,relaxation -stilling the mind is an important component of great heatlh and wellbeing

-starting a gratitude diary -list something you are grateful for each day-simple things like a blue sky or rain to fill your tanks,or the health of your family or the fact that we have an abundance of fresh food readilly available here on the Sunshine Coast.

-or just bing more mindful of the positive things in your life-taking time to stop and think some positive thoughts each day

Ideally choose one food one exercise ,and one mindfulness goal each day-having a buddy or support person increases chances of success- so find a mate and develop your get started!

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