Nutrition tips to keep you alert while driving these school holidays

Practising safe driving can not only keep yourself safe, but keep the lives of other road users around you safe too. Check out these top tips Fuel Your Life dietitian  Peta Adams shared with Budget Direct Insurance on how to prepare for a safe drive.

What are some snacks to take on the road with me that will help fuel my body for long-haul trips?

The best options for long-haul trips are those that are easy for the body to digest and also reasonably low in fat and fibre. This ensures you don’t get bloated and uncomfortable, yet are full and sustained over the journey. Such snacks would be a skinny milk latte, low fat yogurt, berries, boiled eggs, cheese on a cracker, small wrap with avocado, cheese and spinach.

What happens to the body/brain if I don’t eat when I’m hungry because I am in a rush?

Hunger is a cue to eat and indicates that you have properly digested your meal and are ready to eat again as your blood sugar levels have dropped. If you do not eat when you are hungry and your blood sugars are low you often experience fatigue, slower reaction times and a loss of focus. If you are in a rush, try to have small snack until you have time to eat again.

What are sufficient foods to include in each meal that will help with alertness, energy & focus?

The most important foods are those that contain some carbohydrate. In modest quantities caffeine from tea and coffee at the same time as a meal can also help to boost alertness. Foods that are beneficial are fruit with yogurt, Smoothies, home-made pasta and potato salads, Chicken and Salad sandwich or wrap.

Take the time to fuel your body properly to stay alert and focused when driving. Also take the time to stop and rest when tired to ensure your safety on the roads.