Nutrition tips when traveling

Part of travelling is the indulgence and enjoyment of many foods that wouldn’t normally appear on your dinner plate at home. It adds to the overall experience of the trip, and gives some awesome Instagram material for when you arrive home. For most people, coming back involves not only bringing extra luggage, but also some extra weight.

When falling back into normal routine after getting home, weight can return normal due to the energy deficit that is being consumed each day. Sometimes that weight hangs around due to a change in overall eating routine, energy expenditure, or your body not wanting to let go of what is gained.

So when travelling, what is the best way of minimising weight gain? Here are some tips and tricks to give you some inspiration (always feel free to make your own and follow what works for you):
– Pack your own snacks – this can be as simple as buying some fruit at the local supermarket or grocer. By have your own snack instead of cake and coffee every time you stop, this can save extra kilojoule content in your day, save money, ensure some additional hydration, increase vitamin, mineral and fibre intake (good for your bowels), and prevent you from being too hungry. If you aren’t as hungry by the next time a meal comes around, you won’t eat as much.
– Skip entrees – unless it is the most delicious sounding thing you have ever heard, you can usually very easily fill up with a meal.
– Have water with each of your meals – for one meal per day, allow 1-2 glasses of alcohol or soft drink. By having as much water as possible, this will ensure adequate hydration, and keep confused dehydration hunger cues at bay.
– Share treats – if you find something that is delicious, purchase the smallest size possible, and share it with someone. This will prevent taste saturation, and will allow you to trial more options across the course of your trip.
– Choosing a “light meal” each day – for example, having a sandwich or salad style dish once per day. This will allow a bigger meal at another time, and won’t leave you feel sluggish after a meal.
– Have a protein or carb rich breakfast – (and this is not saying have the pastries at the hotel buffet) this will allow you to feel fuller for longer throughout the day, and give you the fuel you need to go.
There are lots of extra
things to try, but keep to the basics. If you do not try something, it won’t be the end of the world (an excuse to travel again?), and more often than not you will remember what you did choose to have more than you didn’t. So keep in mind that food is just part of the trip, and see all that you can see which will make up for the food you eat.