At Sunshine Coast Dietetics, it’s our philosophy to teach clients how to modify their usual food choices and behaviours, enabling them to follow a healthy eating plan for the long term. Here are just a sampling of client success stories.

Success Stories

“I had been struggling with my weight for many years. I had tried everything from the grapefruit diet to Jenny Craig to Tony Ferguson – the weight just returned as soon as I stopped the diet.

Sally-Anne showed me how to eat well and stop the dieting. She taught me about healthy foods, healthy food habits and the importance of regular exercise. She explained everything in a straight forward simple manner that just made sense – this made it so much easier for me to follow – and the weight slowly started shifting.

It has now been 2 years and I still follow the healthy habits Sally taught me.

I feel great, my health has improved and I have dropped 4 clothes sizes – thank you to Sally for showing me the way.”

— Fiona Hurley, Perigian Beach

“For over 30 years I have struggled with bloating, diahorrea and excess wind. The pain and diarrhoea was terrible some days and it was really starting to make me feel anxious all of the time. I have seen many doctors and tried many remedies.

When I saw Sally-Anne she discussed my symptoms and suggested I try a low FODMAP diet. She explained the diet and taugt me how to follow a plan low in FODMAPS that would suit my busy lifestyle.

I have never felt better. Almost all the pain and bloating are gone and I no longer have diarrhoea – I feel fantastic.

I am just about to start some FODMAP challenges to see just how much of these foods my body can handle. So I will not need to follow a very restrictive diet – but I feel so great — it actually is easy to keep FODMAPS to low levels!”

— Faye Lawson, Buderim

“My diabetes was begining to get out of control. My blood sugars were well above wht they should be and I had gained 10 kg in the past 6 months. My doctor suggested I see a dietitian to try to get my health back on track.

Kishani explained to me that the high carbohydrate diet I was following just wasn’t suiting me or my diabetes.

She taught me how to modify my diet and eat to manage both my weight and blood sugar levels.

I have now lost 6 kg and my blood sugars are almost were they should be.

It wasn’t hard — I just needed someone to sit down with me and explain what I should be eating and show me how to make the best food choices.

My doctor is thrilled and so am I.”

— Bob Jones, Beerwah

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