At Sunshine Coast Dietetics, we encourage the 80%/20% philosophy – even when it comes to treats!

Simply, that means that 80% of the time, food and lifestyle choices should be the best you can manage – great unprocessed healthy food choices and daily exercise.

We also understand that life is to be lived to the fullest and that can mean having treat foods, a rest day from exercise — and this is the other 20%.

Attempting to follow a plan 100% every day is just setting yourself up for disaster…

We all have holidays, special functions to attend, family occasions or even times where we may feel we just need a little treat and we encourage you to enjoy these situations and indulge in a treat.

The secret is not to overindulge.

Planning your treat works best, whether it is your food choices at a dinner or a wedding, or how you will approach the holiday you are about to take.

Or even a weekly planned treat such as a morning tea on Friday or a chocolate on Saturday nights!

Tips to help you to not exceed your 20%

  1. The point of great quality is most important.  Treats must be savoured and really enjoyed!  Always buy the best quality you can afford.
  2. Enjoy your treats! DO NOT FEEL GUILTY! They have the same calories whether you enjoy them or not so make sure you love every mouthful!
  3. When you buy your treat only buy in a single serve. That reduces temptation to keep going and eat far more than just the 1 serve you were planning on!

Living by the 80/20 rule will allow you to enjoy your healthy lifestyle choices and more importantly sustain them, rather than feeling deprived by following a strict diet.

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