Recipe: Nutty, Seedy Breakfast Granola

Recipe: Nutty, Seedy Breakfast Granola!

Photo: Gluten free healthy nutty seedy granola! Stay tuned for the recipe :) makes for a delicious filling brekky when combined with yoghurt!

Like most of us, my mornings are usually pretty rushed so it is good to have a quick, easy and better yet, HEALTHY breakfast available.

I have never really been a cereal person, usually opting for eggs or something of the like on toast. But since cutting down on wheat (upsets the tummy) I decided I needed a gluten free alternative that was healthy and still relatively affordable (let’s be honest, gluten free toast isn’t exactly cheap as chips!)

Well, I love yoghurt (my favourite is the Jalna low fat vanilla) and I love nuts and seeds… And I came up with this delicious recipe which I now have most mornings.

The mixture of different nuts, seeds and grains provides a great variety of vitamins, minerals and fibre, and because it is home made, contains no added sugar, preservatives, additives or any other nasties.

My mum has coeliac disease, which means she can not have gluten in her diet… And she also loves this breakfast granola! So if you have any coeliac or wheat intolerant friends or family, you should definitely pass it on to them.

Enough about how good it is, let’s hear the recipe!


  • Buckwheat

I use buckwheat as my carbohydrate base for the granola. Despite the name, it is indeed gluten free. You can get it raw from woolies and roast yourself, or coles sells it already roasted.

A mixture of nuts, can be your own personal favourites but it is good to keep variety as it means a wider range of vitamins & minerals. I always use almonds (calcium) and cashews (iron) as a rule, & brazil nuts are a good source of selenium and also very tasty.

  • almonds, chopped
  • brazil nuts, chopped
  • cashews, chopped
  • macadamias, chopped
  • hazelnuts, chopped 
  • shredded or dessicated coconut

A mixture of seeds, again can be your personal favourites, but once again variety is better. I use:

  • pepitas
  • sunflower seeds
  • sesame seeds
  • linseeds
  • chia seeds 


1. Chop nuts into desirable size

2. Put medium size frypan on medium heat

3. Roast nuts and seeds one after another, as the different sizes roast in different times. (e.g roast the cashews, then when they are done, tip onto a plate to cool and pour the almonds into the pan etc etc.)

4. No oil is needed, and they are ready when they go golden, or in the pepitas case, start popping!

5. I roast/toast everything other than the linseeds (which jump out of the pan if you try to roas them) and the chia seeds.

6. Always keep watch and stir frequently, as they can burn easily if left too long.

7. Mix all ingredients together

There isn’t quantities listed here, it is up to you to decide the ratios of nuts to seeds to coconut etc. I like about half half. I like to make up a big container at a time and it lasts me about a month, you only need to have about 2 -3 tbs of the nut/seed mix on your yoghurt (approx 1/2 cup). You would be surprised how filling it is!!

I hope you all enjoy, let me know of any feedback  🙂


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