Seasonal fruit and vege this winter

Today marks one week since winter has started! This means changes to our clothes, seeking out the sun (make sure that you get enough vitamin D each day, so enjoy lunch outside), and changes to what we choose to eat based on cravings and the temperature. It also means changes in things that we can buy at the supermarket, or local markets. We start looking for more warm foods, thinking baked veggies and soups compared to the salads we may have enjoyed a month or two ago.

So what is in season and the best quality at this time of year?

• Broccoli
• Brussel sprouts
• Carrots
• Cauliflower
• Fennel
• Mushroom
• Potato
• Silverbeet
• Spinach

• Bananas
• Kiwi fruit
• Citrus – lemons, grapefruits, oranges, mandarins
• Watermelon
• Strawberries

This is based on seasonality around the Brisbane area (can differ by area).

We are not limited to having these as being the only foods available to us, and there is the easy ability to add ingredients to dress these ingredients up into a meal. Canned veggies are great to help make dishes into soups and casseroles, and choosing “no added” or “reduced” salt varieties lower overall sodium intake. This is also a great thing to do when choosing stock, as there will still be plenty of flavour in the dish, which can easily be dressed up with herbs and spices, such as chilli, basil, oregano, or curry mixes.

Soups and casseroles are a great way of filling you up, as they are usually very high in fibre and the water content helps hydrate you in the winter months. There are plenty of great websites out there for some recipe inspiration, and even trying on new recipe a week can be a great way on introducing some new options into your home recipe base.

Don’t feel limited to only being the in season fruit, we are very fortunate to have a wide variety of fruit still available, although it may be more expensive or not as great tasting as when in season. Canned fruits and frozen fruits (which are frozen when in season) can make great additions to your daily fruit intake, and choosing fruit in juice which you drain away is a great way to keep daily kilojoule intake down.

For more guidance, pop in to see an APD!