Sign out of email and turn off the television – improve your relationship with food.

The other day I purchased a book called ‘Go Offline & Be Inspired’. It’s full of tips to get off technology and there are many brilliant ideas on other activities to fill your day. I think that the concept is fabulous and can be related to our health habits.


  • Spend less time on your phone, on your laptop or watching the TV. Spend more time enjoying life!
  • Don’t check your emails for a few hours in the morning. Eat your breakfast in peace and watch your productivity grow.
  • Spend less time on social media in the afternoon and get outdoors exercising with a friend.
  • Turn the TV off at dinnertime and enjoy your families company. 
  • Put technology away 30 minutes before bedtime. Unplug to down regulate your cognitive stimulation and get a better sleep.



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