Are You Thinking About Weight Loss Surgery? Here’s What You Need to Know

Losing weight isn’t always an easy task. In fact, it can be extremely challenging for some people to lose weight and keep it off simply by living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For these people, bariatric surgery – or ‘weight loss surgery’ as it’s commonly referred to – is often an attractive option. However, this isn’t suited to everyone, and it’s important to seek the right guidance when deciding whether it’s right for you.

If you’ve been thinking about bariatric surgery, seeing an experienced weight loss dietitian could be a great way to get the support and advice you need along the way. Here’s how these professionals can assist you in your weight loss journey…

How Can a Dietitian Help a Weight Loss Surgery Candidate?

There are a number of weight loss surgery options these days but the two main types of bariatric surgery is the gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. The gastric sleeve is a procedure where the size of your stomach is reduced, by removing a large portion of your stomach and restricting the amount of food that enters your stomach.

The gastric bypass is a surgical procedure that creates a small stomach pocket and bypasses the normal action of food through the stomach and drops food into the lower part of the small intestine. When undergoing these surgeries, it’s important for the you to have as much support as possible. In fact, research has shown that having the guidance of a bariatric dietitian can positively impact the patient’s experience and results post-surgery.

Here’s how a great bariatric dietitian can help you before surgery, immediately after the procedure and in your long-term weight loss journey.


The role of a bariatric dietitian spans the entire pre- and post-surgical journey. Before the procedure, they can answer any questions you might have and help you understand what to expect from the experience. This can be incredibly comforting and reassuring, as it’s normal to be nervous before a surgical procedure. Having a knowledgeable and highly experienced professional support you along the way can really make a difference.


Immediately after your surgery, your bariatric dietitian can help to ensure you are on the road to recovery and receiving the right nutrients for your body. As bariatric surgery reduces the size of your stomach, it’s important that you learn healthy, sustainable eating habits. Your bariatric dietitian will work with you to develop a personalised plan that includes supplements, meal replacements and texture modified foods. This ensures you will thrive not only as you recover, but for the remainder of your life.


Your bariatric dietitian can be a pillar of support for your long-term health goals. Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle is absolutely essential when losing weight – even if you’ve had bariatric surgery. This is especially true as we age or go through different life experiences such as pregnancy or health conditions, as our nutritional needs will begin to change. Your dietitian will guide you through these changes, ensuring you always have a plan that is healthy, sustainable and enjoyable.

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At the end of the day, a bariatric dietitian offers amazing support for anyone who is undergoing this weight loss surgery. What is often a scary and confusing time for someone can be made much easier with the help of these professionals. Your bariatric dietitian will help you make the most of what weight loss surgery offers you, while ensuring that you can still enjoy food in a balanced, healthy way.

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