Tip: 10 Healthy & Easy Lifestyle Changes


Have you been wanting to get healthier for a while but just dread the thought of changing everything about your diet and lifestyle?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a huge burden. It is better to make small changes than no changes at all – because in the long term, small changes tend to add up to a big change!

You may find the change to a healthier lifestyle easier than you think. Have a look at these 10 easy changes you can make to your lifestyle today.

Give a few a go this week – not so hard? Try a couple more next week. And so on…

This is the way we work as dietitians, not looking to change your diet completely, but making small changes (or short-term goals) each week, working towards your main or long-term goal.

After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day…

10 Healthy Changes You Can Make to Your Diet

1) Plan your meals and exercise for the week. Write it down, either in a special note book or on a calendar. You are more likely to do scheduled exercise rather than relying on when you “feel” like it or have time – not many people ever feel like exercising and everyone is busy these days!! Same goes with planning a healthy meal.

2) Eat breakfast every day – no excuses! It really is the most important meal of the day.

3) Go grocery shopping with a list (after planning your meals for the week, of course!). You are less likely to impulse buy.

4) Stop having margarine or butter on your toast. Trust me, after a while you won’t even miss it. If you are having toast at breakfast and a sandwich at lunch, with butter/marg on each slice, over a year that will add up to A LOT of calories. Small change, big result.

5) Have salad every day at lunch – whether it’s served as a side, a main or on a sandwich.

6) On that note, add extra vegetables to your meals in the evening. If the kids don’t approve, grate them finely and they won’t even notice the extra zucchini and carrot in their spag bog!

7) Keep a food and exercise diary. You can keep track and watch yourself improve.

8) Invest in a non-stick pan and you’ll use less oil – same principle as the butter/margarine on your toast.

9) Trim the fat off your meat before you cook it

10) Always choose the salt-reduced option, and use less salt in cooking. Herbs and spices are wonderful for flavour!

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