Tip: Are you drinking calories?


Have you ever added up the calories in your daily drinks? It may shock you to do so…

Do you normally consume:

  • a juice with breakfast?
  • regular cappuccino for morning tea?
  • iced tea with lunch?
  • iced coffee for afternoon tea?
  • glass of wine on arrival at home?
  • another glass of wine with dinner?
  • hot chocolate or milo after dinner?

This leads to a grand total of 1100 calories! For some of you that is more than half your daily calories needs. No wonder many of us have trouble losing weight.

The following would be more suitable if weight loss is your aim —

  • 1/2 glass of juice for breakfast
  • skinny cappuccino-small for morning tea (make it yourself)
  • water with lunch
  • herbal tea or sparkling water for afternoon tea
  • 1 glass of wine with dinner 
  • skinny hot chocolate or better herbal tea after dinner

This will only set you back 400 calories – a much better option!

Why not add up your drinks and see if you can save yourself some calories?

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