Travel nutrition: How to keep healthy while travelling

Everyone seems to be jet setting off somewhere across the globe to enjoy a break from the stress of work and home. But it has become an accepted side effect that when you travel, you are going to gain a couple of kilos, right? WRONG! There are a number of ways you can use the travelling life to your advantage and keep up your health goals.

  1. Don’t abuse the breakfast buffet

Just because you can see every breakfast option under the sun available, doesn’t mean you have to overeat! Choose one option per day and eat about the same amount as you would if you were having breakfast at home. If the buffet isn’t an option at your hotel, buy some cereal and milk to eat in your room out of a coffee mug. If you go out for breakfast choose something a bit lighter or go to a local bakery and get some fresh raisin bread rather than a pastry.


  1. Switch up lunch and dinner

If you normally have your main meal at night time, consider having it at lunch while travelling if you are eating out. Restaurant lunch meals are usually less expensive (yay) and are a bit smaller so you can enjoy a beautiful setting at your leisure during the day, and then grab a quick sandwich or salad for dinner instead. If you want to try multiple courses, get entrée sized meals, or if you want the whole shebang, balance it out on a day where you have two light meals.


  1. Stick to normal intake when on planes

If you have a long haul flight you’ll find that drinks, snacks and meals are continuously being offered. Rather than accepting every one, make sure you get some decent sleep and skip the ones you don’t really need. You know that there will be another round of food coming so there’s no risk of going without.


  1. Plan a picnic if you’re road tripping

If you’re driving to a destination, plan ahead and pack a picnic rug and esky with some tasty and healthy foods. Find a nice spot to stop and enjoy the beauty of being able to stretch your legs outside rather than stopping at a fast food joint.


  1. Snack Packs

Make sure you always have something to snack on when travelling. If you get too hungry you will be more likely to overeat at the next meal, and will be more likely to choose somewhere that will get you food that is fast, rather than food that is good quality. Think snacks like trail mix, muesli bars, fruit and crackers.


  1. Keep up the fluid

It’s easy to get dehydrated if you don’t keep a water bottle with you to sip on. If you have travelled somewhere where the local water supply isn’t safe, make sure you have bottled water on hand.


  1. Explore

Don’t just have an eating and drinking tour, get out and keep active. Walk as much as you can and find a mountain to climb or beach to surf so you can tick it off your bucket list. A lot of hotels also have gyms and pool facilities now so you may as well make the most of it!


Enjoy every moment of travelling including the local cuisine. If you keep on track with your health goals you will come back radiant, healthy and happy and it will keep you going until your next holiday, rather than coming back feeling worse than when you left! Contact us today for more tips and tricks.



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