What Can Toddlers Teach Us About Weight Loss?

It’s dinnertime with the children. It can take hours and there is usually a trail of mess left behind. Foods are played with, smelt and if you are having a successful night they might even be tasted. Some foods are accepted while others are spat out. What can toddlers teach us about weight loss, though? Read on to find out!

Children and Food

When children are exploring foods they are using their senses. As we grow older we develop familiarity with foods. This can lead to autopilot at meals – eating quickly and not taking much notice of our food. Perhaps not even realising when we are becoming full. Slow down and eat mindfully. Learn from our children and get in touch with your senses.

Next time you go to eat, think about what you can see, taste, feel, smell and hear. Chew slowly and enjoy the flavours. This increased awareness can help you to realise when you are satisfied and when you are full.

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