Are you battling the dreaded winter weight? Most of us find it difficult to not gain a few kilos over the colder months as our body tries to warm itself with a little more padding.

Also the cold weather tends to have us looking for warming comfort foods that can be much higher in fats and sugars than our summer food choices

Try these tips to help with the battle!

Take care with food purchases

If it is not in the house you cannot indulge. Resist the temptation to buy cakes, puddings, chocolate bars, hot chocolate mixes –if you fancy one of these just buy an individual serve so there is none leftover.

Be mindful of serving sizes

The temptation is to serve larger portions as the cold sets in. Dishes such as curries and casseroles that are easy to eat tend to be eaten quickly and thus in larger quantities

  • Check the size of your plate-choose a smaller size
  • Make these soft dishes a little less easy to eat by adding steamed greens
  • Ensure they are served really hot

All of these should help slow you down and thus eat less

Watch out with winter puddings

The old chocolate fudge pudd,or steamed jam pudd will add the kilos, quick fast. If the family requests the old favourites serve yourself a very small portion, and eat slowly to savour every mouthful.  Don’t fall into the habit of regular pudding making- 1/week at most!

Stay hydrated!

Cold weather often means reduced water intake. In fact sometimes we eat when when we are actually thirsty and it is water we need not food. Aim to drink at least 1 litre of water each day.

  • Warm water or even herbal tea is great for those who do not like cold drinks
  • Taking a water bottle with you and sipping while driving, at your desk, or while walking helps you meet your water target

Don’t forget the exercise

Colder mornings and darker late afternoons can mean less exercise. Actually winter is a time we need to keep exercise levels up, not only to keep warm but to balance those extra winter foods we eat. Try to keep your exercise routine going, aim for exercise at least every second day and consider perhaps a gym or a class than is held indoors so cold and daylight do not matter-or just get out of bed when the alarm goes,instead of snuggling back under the covers!

If you manage to loose weight over winter congratulations!

Weight maintenance is also ok-certainly better than a weight gain!

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